Dan Gelber DIGS in!

In more ways than one, too!

He announced January 27th that he's running for United States Senate. Very cool. I knew him when...

But also as important (well to me) is that he's taking an interest in FLORIDA ecological issues. He spent the day at the famed Oleta River State Park planting indigenous trees. So important and so needed. Our parks throughout the state are just plagued with trees and shrubs and vines that kill our natural wild plant life. With every indigenous tree or shrub planted, will help bring back our nature intended wildlife.

Kudzu, Balsam apple, Australian Pine, and the worst-Brazilian Pepper. It's rampant, and its sucking the life out of our pine forests, our scrub lands, and our prairies. We need to start somewhere, and Oleta River State Park seems like a great beginning.

And Dan Gelber going there is too!

Now what has this got to do with my blog? Well, there is a personal interest in this. I knew Dan years ago when I lived in a quaint little apartment building on the Venetian Causeway. It was I must add the hottest address in town... As the years have passed, and I've forgotten 99% of my apartment friends and neighbors, I never forgot Dan. Why is that?

As I would (and most of South Beach) be dragging our butts home early mornings, after a night on the town... I would see Dan dressed, heading out, ready to go pick up his Little Brother. 8 am on a Saturday? I used to think whoa! What is up with this guy? I used to talk to him in the halls. He'd introduce everyone to his little brother. But without fail, this went on weekly the entire time I lived on the Venetian. Yes, both parts. My early morning swaggering in AND seeing Dan always on the go with his little brother.

What can I say? It left an impression.

Dan even in our youth when he should have been out with the rest of us, was already doing service to others. While we were partying, he was donating his time to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Greater Miami. Sometimes he'd bring his little brother to the apartment and splash in the pool. And I would have my dogs (illegally) in there, too. Of course, I would.

So I can honestly say I knew him when... I liked him then. And I like what he's doing now.
Go check out a few of his reels on you tube.

And from what I remember about him then, and keeping track of him now. I'm going to probably be posting a bit more as he does things to help our state. And to get the word out that Dan's the man for Senator.

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