What next? Obama in Overalls?

Actually this is a funny visual. I can see it can't you? Farmer Obama. I'm sitting here this morning on the fence with the latest installment/request of internet emails requesting we go vote for who we would like to see as The White House caretaker of a garden. Aka a Victory Garden in a sense.

Veggie Garden. Fruit Garden. On the 18 acres somewhere at the White House. Seems like a cool idea. But, has President Obama even agreed to this yet?

To get up to speed read this Washington Post article. Click here

Then take a look at these two sites that have gained popularity in recent months. One is to sign a petition proclaiming We the people want a working garden at the White House. Click here.

And then this site that is taking nominations for WHO will be the caretaker of this expedition. Click here.

So far all of this is being done without any go-ahead from the Pres. and family.

While all this is extraordinary and I'm all for it. Except for the petitions of hanging laundry lines on the front lawn. Has the President or any of his staff expressed an interest in this whatsoever? I wonder if there is some kind of threat to having presidential food out in the open for all to possibly do something to it? Will the Obamas outside of Kodak moments really be involved in the garden? or is this just one more thing we would be paying for in terms of gardeners and caretakers and what not? Will it actually save money?

I find it odd that we feel the need to change the White House from which it is today. Its just a structure. Its the inhabitants that we need to worry about and, The Obamas already are changed, progressive, and more intune with modern everyday people. Is it necessary to also make them do things that we do, to solidify it?

Personally, I don't want to see laundry lines hanging from the WhiteHouse lawn. Do you? And solar panels were up. Then taken down. Because really this is their house and one president wanted them but the next did not... Let them do with it what they want. And see what it is they will do?

Let them instill their views for what it should be to the people. Not the other way around.

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