NOW WHY don't she write?

I love that line from Dances with Wolves.... :)

But i've been darned busy the last few weeks. The South Florida Fair Goat show is officially over and i need to sleep for about a week.

Here are the highlights of the show. And my favorite photos.

Intha makes these wonderful goat sweaters for kids. Nola presented them
on these wonderful little goat cutouts. Such a cute gift.

Nola and her sisters feed us every year.
They come over from the Belle Glade area every
year with food for 50 and it's awesome!

This is Kathy and me conspiring to get everyone in the show to sign the thank you card for the judge.

Nigerian Dwarfs. Their first year at the show. And so pleased they
came. This little one is called Flower.

Mike and Kathy. Awesome couple that bust their butts for the fair
EVERY YEAR. This year we made it in an official capacity. Kudos to them!
Fair wouldn't have been so smooth with out their show knowledge.

Ed Jodlowski. Great judge. Looks intimidating here, but really fun and
great with the kids. He flew in from Illinois to judge the show for us.
And has hisown nationally recognized show herd. Kickapoo Goats.
Like the Tie. Adds a bit of flash to the ring.

This is Tammy and her Best in Show (BIS) junior goat. This is such a great little goat.
 Its a recorded grade. And inmost instances never beat out purebreds.
Not today. Tammy was thrilled. And so were we.
Recorded grade are the pairing of two purebreds.

This is the highlight of the show.  This was Caitlin's (all in white) first show ever. She
beat out kids that have been showing for years in her showmanship class. Showmanship is all about
the handler and style. What they know about the goat, how they handle and show them, cleanliness of the
goat. how they clip them and so on.

She also decorated her pen the cutest and won herdsmanship award for it.
Cute. Clever. And best of all she is hooked on goats!

No Victoria. No show. Victoria is our show secretary. She checks in all the exhibitors.
Their goats and then oversees the show recording the wins, places, makes sure the
rules are being followed. She makes it official. And what a trooper drives
down from upstate every year. We LOVE Victoria.

Sheridan avoiding the camera. Sadly, last year Riki, his wife died 3 weeks after last
years show. This show was Riki's baby. And it's reputation of being the best show
in Florida was because of her.

We weren't too sure if he wanted to keep the Chairman seat. Luckily,
he did. And we had a great show.
Bittersweet though, as we all missed RIKI.

This is what it's all about.
Having fun and making friends. This is Tammy and Kathy getting
goofy in the Saanen class.

So, I've been a tad busy these last few weeks preparing for the show. Now that its over?


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  1. They are precious!!! LOVED the pics!! How very very cool............


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