Happy Back=Happy New Year!

Firstly, Happy, Joyous, Democratic Obama New Year everyone. :) I Hope everyone will enjoy prosperity and health and wealth (the kind you can't count) this coming year. All your goats freshen healthy, all your manure piles heat up, may wildlife be abundant, and your gardens grow tender, and mostly all the animals stay healthy.

So, the header... back troubles. It's very plain to anyone that ever has had a back pain life is just not as smooth. Little things a chore. Bending over? ugh. Pain abounds.

I've had back "issues" for many years. Probably with the one and only hit and run I was involved in. I was the middle car. I hit a bunch of nuns. Some drunk hit me. I got out of that car so fast and furious spouting off all kinds of "NONO" words to that drunk, who proceeded to back up hitting the car behind him and then peeling out of there, the poor nuns were aghast. At me probably more so than him. That next morning? oh NO! my whole body was in pain.

Since then i've become a HUGE fan of chiropractics. And i've gone to a good share of them over the years. From Non-intrusive very little pressure types. All natural homeopathic types that involve acupuncture and other things, to the twist you into a pretzel types. All of it works. In some degree or another. When i moved out of Miami into the wilds of Palm Beach county, i tried to do a few things on my own. Its working. I've been meaning to find a chiropractor, but it seems that since moving here stress levels are minute. Therefore back problems are too.

I fell last month. Bad. Stupid fall. Sleepwalking and thinking that the shower stall was a bed i fell right into it like it was a chair. Compressing all vertebrae. bruising the tail bone. Luckily? very cushiony down there. Luckily, sleeping, so i didn't "brace" myself to make it worse.

I waited till i knew the tail bone was just a bruise and not a break. Then I waited to see where the pains started to migrate to. I had a small little headache many days. and I started to get a terrible mid back ache. And then it migrated up to my neck. It was obviously getting worse. I noticed my ankles hurt. My knees were starting to and the whole body was out of whack. Standing too long painful. sitting too long numbing.

GUESS WHAT? immediate pain relief. And so it goes. Here is what i did. My Driveway is a giant hunk of concrete on a slope. I 've done this before and found it to really help get me back in alignment. Minor I'm sure. And i treat it like its a zen, meditative sessions. (another reason neighbors must think me crazy). I lay down breathing slowly and concentrating on my breaths slowly stretching the arms out and up over my head. CRACK! felt something go back into place. Relief. Then i bent my knees and slowly moved my butt  up and down on the concrete. Forcing my back to line up. CRACK. another relief. then with knees still bent it looked like i was going to do a sit up. and Yep. Another Relief felt crack. In the midst of this? I kept stopping and feeling the concrete for a tiny annoying little pebble. Which i never found. Because it finally dawned on me? My back was so out that it must have been that i was feeling. Icky! But gone after i finished that last stretch.

I just got up from this episode 20 minutes ago. I feel pretty lightheaded still. But lighter. and I think It's fixed. The relief immediate. The pebble gone. The back pain gone. Neck pain gone. Though i bet i'll still be a bit sore for a day or so. But now onto better things. Like fixing the hay stacked poorly by the feedstore, that I didn't want to tackle in my previous state.

Cool, eh? Happy New Back year everyone!!

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  1. bless your heart! i'm so glad you're feeling better as i really do understand back pain.
    took a bad spill from my horse at 17 resulting in surgery, body casts and tons of rehab. i had a metal rod from shoulder blades to waistline and somehow, it has snapped in half. i cannot make myself endure more surgery so i deal with it. c'est la vie i guess.


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