Dichotomous debutante

There is this thing. Some know. Many, many, many don't. Ok? so i'm coming out.

Why? well, damn Facebook. grin. Friends from the past merge with friends in the now.
And somethings just come out. Friends from childhood go HUH? you have goats and muck stalls?and friends in the now go HUH? you did what?

It's not that i was ashamed of it. Ok well kinda. But now i figure, who cares. I'm older,
wiser, fatter. Looked good back then so what the heck. And it is a part of who I am today.
Though none of the well-mannered mannerisms are apparent. Maybe i'm a kinder, gentler,
goat herder because of it.

So it begs the question the dichotomy of it all.
I pretty much eschew all that my previous life entailed. I just don't find joy in it.
I was probably this ME back then, it was just hidden under all the fluff.


(few years back photo - the most redneck-y photo i could find.)


Yes.... I was.

To dispel all laughter from the peanut gallery.
I was 16 and had a coming out debutante ball.
1983 Ft. Lauderdale Heart Debutante Society.

Below is a picture of my dad. The only one i have of him and me together.
He's gone now. Moved onto the great casino in the sky. :) Dad lived in California.
I remember he flew in for this. Last time he ever came to Florida.
And only saw him twice more when i went out West for a visit. His is a complicated
story but damned interesting. Maybe one day i'll put it all down on paper.

The one thing that is funny the story told by my mom is that my
dad tried to do everything not to have to dance at their wedding.
Finally she succumbed to the bribery. Some ginormous trip or fur coat or something
was the offering so he could get out of being in the limelight. It worked till my night.
So this is extremely funny that he did this.

Look at those RED nails. and RED lipstick. Makeup? oh my!!! my eyes are
watering just thinking about mascara. Not the good kind. The itchy,
why the heck do i put this stuff on watery feeling.

Ah... sweet photo as there are 7 in the photo no longer with us. Both my Uncles.
My grandmother (sitting on far left). Dad. Both Great Aunt and uncle standing on the left of me. My boyfriend at the time, the cute surfer looking dude sitting on the right.

So There you have it. First and LAST time i'll be putting on a "white" dress.
I still have it though. And the Gloves. I do remember fighting that. Took them
off immediately after the initial ceremony. And that dress. The Princess Di dress
that i had to have made as i just wouldn't wear anything else.

Looking back at all the photos, i'm glad my mom made me do it.
If anything its fodder for this blog. But i'm sure i got something out
of it, somewhere down the line. I don't spit. I still bend with my knees.
Cross my legs at the ankles? if i ever meet royalty, I know how to curtsy.


  1. Great shots of your other side! Thanks for sharing JoJo!
    I like the shotgun/dog one best tho!

  2. Been there. Done the Cotillion thing. Don't tell ANYone!

  3. lol... mee ttoo cotillion ugh. that was worse as it was dancing lessongs as an 8th grader...

    me too FC... i like the shotgun toting, goat herding, dirt under the fingernails me better too.


  4. Look at you hot mama!!! I think you're more beautiful with the shotgun! :-)

  5. you are too sweet. thank you but i've aged alot in a few years.

  6. I think it is GREAT... we grow up, don't we? Become who "we" really are! The other stuff was/is fun, but it is who we are NOW that counts. :)

    Loved the sharing!



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