Ode to a Pomegranate

OH HOW I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. No! not because of the holidays. But, because of this wondrous fruit that only comes into season this time of year. (this and artichokes, but thats another story). From November till New Years. I'm pumped full of pomegranates. So are the parrots.

Pomegranates. Some call them Chinese Apples. I just call them delish. And i'm not the only one. As a test? i just shucked a few outside and the chickens never seeing them before, devoured them. The parrots? oh NO! they will toss out everything in the bowl to get to the kernels. Actually, a good tip for anyone with parrots firstly, don't dismantle the kernels individually keep them in quarters for them. This seems much easier to me for cleanup. Though I can say that pom does stain on everything. Turns purple after awhile. :) Especially on my walls. And my two have a knack for squeezing those kernels in such a way to hit the walls, ceiling and anyone passing by at that moment.

I'm down to my last pom. I bought 12 of them at thanksgiving. Letting them ripen further, though not rotten. And i don't know HOW i know, but i just KNOW when to open them at their most juiciest.

AND, don't know why I love them so. As a child my mother introduced them to me, and possibly the whole take the kernels out cleanly and neatly appealed to me. I remember being clothed in paper towels top to bottom. Tables and chairs.  Placing them all in one huge bowl, and then devouring handfuls at a time. It's sacrilige to eat one kernel at a time. Truly! What an odd child I must have been. Hated Peanut butter. Loved Pomegranates.

Pom is my favorite color, too. Deep, rich, lavish red. It's so PMS 202.... I love it and use this color often in my work. And the house. And probably a reason my African Grey is so beautiful to me with his deep red tail.

All I can say is if you've never tried one. Or tried once but didn't fall head over heels in love. Do try again. Yes. They are messy. Yes, they stain. Yes. sometimes you gotta pick thru a few rotten kernels. Yes. sometimes they aren't as sweet and juicy as they should be. BUT when they are? Amazing!!!

And lets not forget how good they are for you.  click here for nutritional info.

For general info.Here is the wiki link.

wow! didn't know that. Grenade comes from the word Pomegranate. Makes sense.

wondering how hard it is to get a bush to grow in Florida. ha!

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  1. Hi jojo. A big congratulations to you on doing a wonderful job with your blog. I have finished my review of "Goodness Gracious Acres" and I'm happy to let you know that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    A big pat on the back to you. Wishing you continued success and a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR!


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