Warning! not for the faint of heart.

So this past weekend I wake up to a call from my neighbor. Come quick! see what i gots on the front lawn. Ugh! I know. Its thousands of frogs. Nope. Its a bambi. Nope. Its a new hunting dog. Nope. New air boat? gun? what????

Now just to be fair I always tell my neighbors to call me when fun things, new things, come up. That you want me to take pictures of. Well, this morning was no different.

How in the world do you make this look good? I took pictures of it left, right, up, down. UGH! I told Billy and friend get in the picture cause i can't make this thing work. So, they could be the focus.

Needless to say i didn't eat breakfast that morning. And upon writing this now i'm losing my apetite. Again.

But all in good sportsmanship, I guess. So, here is the offending photos. I took them. I am happy that I did. It's one nice thing i can do for my neighbors who are ALWAYS helping me out.  Billy, lends me his lawn mower. Or even mows when i can't get to some areas. Like the swale. They check up on me when i'm not out much. Rodney is always helping me find eggs or feed the critters. Their dogs coupled with mine scare away any intruders.

It's an endless array of friendship cum neighborly banter that extends way beyond the normal scope of "neighborly-ness". I totally love living next door to them. An extended family of sorts. They feed me on occasion, too. Which leads me to the next thought, YEPS! this will be on the menu sometime in the near future and well... I'll eat it. Smiling. Hmmmm delish! and put lots of Barb-Q sauce on it. hmmm! (I still have trouble eating eggs that i see my hens lay.)

It's just the process that is a bit NEW to me. The ease of bringing this home and cutting it up. Its i guess like those of you who fish for dinner. Entrails and all on the boat. That grosses me out too.

And what goes thru my mind is YOU DROVE HERE LIKE THAT? LOL. I'm thinking of all those people early Sunday morning dressed and on their way to brunch or church pulling up alongside THAT. Makes you all warm and fuzzy don't it? Just makes you wonder what their conversations were like. heehee.

I put the photos on the bottom  to give everyone enough time to either figure it out and close the browser, or out of sick curiousity keep looking. OR of course as a hunter looking at them, go aha nice hog. 300lb'er eh? Nice. Clean. Good. Gonna get some good meat from him.....


  1. Oh my! I woulnd't have any problem eating that! But I don't understand people who raise Porky from a cute little piggy and then have pulled pork a few months later. Don't know if I could do that.

    BTW, the Childfree link was a hoot! Couldn't agree any more!

    Oh, and come on over to my blog, you've been nominated for something special!

  2. oooh i love suprises. :)


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