For the BIRDS. Website for my VET is up and running.

Sometimes work and play get to coincide.

My vet Susan Clubb, located here in Loxahatchee, FL, asked if we wanted to barter. Hmmm, bartering. It never works. But, my wallet and my 30+ animals made me rethink this little ditty. How could i say no? It's a truly win-win. She needs a website. I could use a break on the vet bills. She sees all my animals, but the pig. And the full size horse. The pig? NO ONE wants to see the PIG! we just don't let him get sick anymore.

The only thing is that i'm a print designer/ art director, I'm not a “web” programmer/ designer. Explaining this wasn't hard, just oddly enough, guilty sounding on my part. I really wish at times I was a programmer well versed in code but alas, you can only really be good at some things, not all things. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I could only take the DESIGN and organization, of the site so far. Someone else would have to implement it, manage it and host it. So the bartering still works in both our favors. She saved half the cost of the site as a barter. I on the other hand have utilized my end 3 times already, and the site wasn't even live yet. Ugh!

I had fun creating the site! I know her pretty well. She's been my vet for the last 5 years.

Our first encounter was me bleeding in her office because like a total idjiot, I didn't put my macaw in a travel case to come visit. My first parrot. My first taking him out to the vet. My first of many stupid moves. He was fine till a 6 foot giant walked in the door. Obviously, hemi didn't like giants. and well he bit the crap out of me and i bled all over the office. And I knew this was the vet for me when she didn't make me feel any worse, or idjiotic than I already did. That seemed like eons ago. Since then she has become an integral part of my HERD. Even so far as to come test milk for mastitis. Clip wings. Birth goats. nueter piggy. Nothing seems to be out of her pervue.

Yes, the point....The site went live today. WOOHOOO.. loverly. There is going to be a blog. And more interaction with Susan and bird lovers. There will be a private consultation log-in area for more heady vet to vet, or vet to client contact. There is a store with some really cool things Susan will be marketing to us knuckleheads that need her in the middle of the night - emergency kits. There is all the old stuff from her older site, but now formulated a bit better. I think! She is going to start a blog. Post pictures. start writing more on what is going on in the clinic, etc.

She has so much going on. First is the Aviary she runs. Full time job. Then the Clinic. Full time job. Then the products she selling. Not to mention the kadjillion articles she's written. The on the verge of discovery stuff she is working on. Stuff that makes her one of the top Avian vets in the country.

Pretty darn impressive stuff!

I hope I did it all justice.

Did i mention I LOVE my vet?

On a personal note, it's a bit rare to have your vet call you back when on vacation. She does. Its even rarer to have the amazing, wonderful techs come help you in her stead. They do. But what I find so dis-arming is that even when I had to put an animal down, they were here with the remover to pick him up, they did everything, and were crying with me. (my sweet Samson!).

Omygosh i could just go on and on.... One time I called and she was in Cost Rica at a conference, and was talking me thru a birthing episode. One time I called she was on the other side of the world somewhere and it was 3 am there. She answered the phone. EEEK!

But truly sound the trumpets! here comes Joann and MaryJo to the rescue and this is the key and the success of their practice. I can't say enough about them. Two vet techs extraordinare. They are the task masters. The organizers. The, the, the.... hell! just amazing. Finding a vet you like, you trust, and doesn't cost you an arm and leg, wing, hoof, and snout is another thing too. And I've considered moving a few times this past year and Susan and staff is admittedly one of the reasons i haven't skipped town to greener pastures.

Needless to say, if you live in Palm Beach county, Or South Florida, for that matter, and you have an exotic pet-- goat, parrot, turtle, ostrich, camel, kangaroo, tiger, oscealot, oscealos, reptiles, snakes, gators, mangoose, marmecet, and well, you get the picture... she's the vet for you! And even if you don't live local? Now you can consult too! All that will be coming soon.

All this blubbering! I went off on a tangent. Point is go check out her new website. And bookmark it!



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