Prissy gets a new Coat!

Now don't be calling me and saying i went all Paris Hilton on ya. I didn't. In the last couple of weeks the nights here are a bit chilly. And this little one needed something. (sound the trumpets). Intha to the rescue.

Intha is a cyber friend. We've never met. Heck i've seen only a blurry old photo, but none the less she said she makes goat sweaters. YES!!!

And yes,  i said goat. They get cold too ya know. Especially when they get shaved. They get shaved for showing and milking. But here i go off topic.

I asked her if she could try to make one small enough for my girl Prissy! came out pretty awesome don't you think?

Prissy likes it too. Except this first time putting it on her she just stood there. Looking at me with those eyes, pleading, wondering, what do i do next?

Needless to say the next thing she did was roll around in the mud!

So glad i bought two of them.

Thanks Intha.

You can find Intha at Northern Lights Farm


Hello? who's in there?


  1. Prissy looks so sassy! She's got a little growing to go before it will fit though!

    Would LOVE to see some of your goats in coats!

  2. tooooo stinkin cute! and she doesn't even seem to mind it! my girls always get that sappy "you've gotta be kidding" look whenever we try something like this! lol

  3. Absolutely adorable. I too, would love to see a coat on a goat! Love those pics of everybody lazing around on camera day. The duck looked so comfortable on the chair and that closeup of the turkey snood is a new favourite for me!

  4. she is funny. Already knows how to wiggle out of it. Thanks for the compliment Robyn. and Jayedee.

    If i start showing the goats, i will surely get them some lovely coats like this for them.


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