Barack Obama, President of the USA. History! History in the making.

And i'm just so proud of what our country did tonight. I'm not the gushy type, I stayed up and waited, to watch our new President Elect speak tonight. And it was everything and more. I got teary. What's scary is i could have listened to him probably all night. How poignant! How wonderful! And its pretty exciting And i hope those that are not too pleased, will understand soon that i think he's got "IT". I think he's a real person that will make decisions based on true understanding and from the heart.

I like him. I like his wife. His kids. And i can't wait to see them grow up in the Whitehouse.

And MR. President Elect? if you need any help at all on picking your new puppy for the girls?, gimme a shout. I'd be glad to help.

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