Here's the thing. I like to be alone. I live alone. I work alone. Alone is good. quiet is good. For a long time, since moving up here, I stayed out of the work speed lane. I'd just had enough. For a time I didn't read a thing or get any industry subscriptions. I'd lost interest. 20 years of doing this and well you get a bit tired.

NOT anymore. I'm very excited that this hiatus has re-invigorated me. Granted, I've still been working. And doing a fine job. Building my business and have a nice bevy of long time clients that are happy. But, I just wasn't interested in keeping up that necessary pace to stay on top. Been there.

To stay up to date on my industry you really do need to keep in touch. Since taking a nice long break (Obviously needed), It wasn't helping me grow. Growth is how you stay pertinent. How do you advise clients on their business? No growth? how can they trust you know whats going on if you yourself aren't on it?

I'm back! and with a vengeance. One of the things i did was join the Twitter movement. And don't know what i did without it. You probably should too. And here's why...

Twitter allows you to link up with people in your industry. Mine would be designers, art directors, creative magazines, creative blogs, tech sites, and whatnot. Of course, i'm linking up to Farm bloggers and farm mags and those types too. IT keeps you looped. Though it can get loopy.

As an addictive sort i love to find something new and beat it to death. For the last week i've done nothing but twitter. Yesterday i had to just turn it off. So fair warning it can get addicting. But harmless. Fun. And truly informative.

I'm sure this will all balance out. And i'll use twitter as I define what I want it for. Another item in my arsenal.

Twitter is based on one thing only. It asks you " what are you doing". In response you have 150 characters to explain. Short commentary. Just enough to figure out if you want to find out more when an interesting twitter comes in. Most people will add a url. Some just twitter for the sake of doing so. I guess i do both.

There are two ways to twitter. (more but two i do). One is going to your twitter site. And the other is downloading software that will open up a box alot like IM boxes like AIM or Yahoo, and you can follow your twitters there. The best i've found so far is Tweetdeck. I like it alot. I started with Twitterific but it kept logging out on me. Tweetdeck is pretty cool.

NOW here is the part that you need to remember. Twitter can get confusing if you set your preferences to PUBLIC. When you do that its just nonsense. Its twitters from all over the globe. No rhyme or reason. And when i first started doing this thought how stupid. BUT, then someone nice soul explained that you set your preferences to your followers and who you follow only. AAAHHHH what a difference. So remember this little nugget. Its what i think makes or breaks twittering.

Tweetdeck takes it a step further....For those that want to just have a bit of fun, you can type in any search word and a new twit box comes up. I usually type in just two. FARM and DESIGN and tweetdeck will find every twitter in the world with that word in there. From there I might see a twitter I like, look up that person and either follow or decide not too. And the same happens to you.

I've got 60 twitterfollowers. And i'm following about 90. And they are all cool and funny, and informative people, they offer a great mix of technology, design, and farming. Just what i like. So Go Twitter! And look me up.

oh just for giggles i created my Manga avatar. You can too.

here is the link.

Me and what i think i look like. The cig in hand is accurate. Not sure how much else. They didn't have the option to put stains on your clothing. Matted hair, etc. But ode to my design days, i did put on some red lipstick.

here i go again blurring the lines between work and play. Everyday!

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  1. First of all thank you for following me! But completely agree, Twitter is v addictive - and I'm convinced it's starting to take over from the likes of Facebook, which a lot of people are starting to tire from.

    It's also helpful that there are so many apps you can use to tweet and follow - tend to do so over my personal netvibes page, or on twinkle via iphone


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