What? this article explains my retort.

common sense?

egads. This is not a good enough reason why a woman (anyone) should be in the white house. Not by a long shot. Shouldn't the person that sits in the Presidential and Vice Presidential chairs be smart? Shouldn't they be the ones that worked their butts off in school? Out smarting and out performing those us that didn't? I do. And even more so because this is the first. The first woman to possibly be at our countrys highest level executive.

I don't think a cute, folksy, lipstick wearing hockey mom is going to cut it. What in the world is wrong with those of you that do? Do you want smarts or common sense as this article expresses she has. Quite honestly, if she did have common sense i think right under that surface of winks, and gosh darnits, and say it ain't so Joe, comments she knows she is in over her head. Because common sense would put up red flags. She is caught in a cycle of wow - ness and i think now she can't get out. Nor would McPain let her. It would be too damaging. So instead she is plodding along, to save face? She's not going to stop. Not until WE stop her.

She is bluffing and her hand is up. I know when i'm bluffing. And i've done it a few times in my career, its a gutsy gamble. But the only person it might have hurt if it backfired was me. Not a whole country. And the industry was advertising. Not our country. Would you want to go under the knife if Palin was your surgeon? She can't bluff that. No. You want smarts.

And i find it very disturbing to think that SHE THINKS she is qualified to do this job. but then even more so to those that might vote for her.

C'mon Folks what makes one think that a very ordinary, person that rose in the ranks of a mediocre little town and then average state can make it as Vice President? Ultimately, president? where is her bio? Her education? Her smarts?

One quote i read, said it best, "Sure, i'd like to have lunch with her, but i don't want her running the country". And i agree.

I wanna see smarts. Smarter than me smarts. I wanna see educational bios like Condoleeza Rice. Or Policital bios like Hillary. I wanna see an outstanding resume. I don't want to see that Palin shifted colleges like bad boyfriends. 5 colleges in how many years? What does that say? What excuse can you put on that? Again, think about if she was your surgeon. Do you look for a mediocre doctor? That went to po dunk little schools? or do you look for ones that outpeformed in the big leagues?

As woman "become" in this country, we put out that standard of what and who raise the bar. We determine it. We look up to those that work their butts off, we admire their hard work to get there. We applaud their smarts. We follow women's lives who we want our daughters to look up to. Why now all of a sudden miss mediocre is someone to look up to?

Why all of a sudden common sense is the key and not smarts? Who's feeding us this shit.
Hell, why fight for your child to bother with good grades. Or to get into the best schools. Or get that scholarship. If you vote for Palin, then mediocre is what you are saying is ok.

I think yes, she is very lucky, good timing that sort of thing. Yes, she was smart enough to be Mayor in podunk city. Yes, even to governer of 600,000. But my goodness gracious, what does it say that we Americans think her resume of mediocre is good enough to be VP... possibly President. And that we women wouldn't want more than a mirror image of yourself in the white house. Unless of course you think you could be Vice President. Because that is how i see it. Get me some coaching, some nice clothes, surround me with the best and brightest to "cliff" note me on the days crises' and put me in some red lipstick.

I don't want to relate. I don't think common sense will cut it as the reason. I want smarts. Smarter than me smarts.

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