New Chicks are so much fun

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Wow. New chicks born today. i had no idea I thought she just abandoned the nest as there were 5 more unhatched eggs. And then i saw this little wisp of a thing run under the barn fence. 8 of them.

There is just something so cute to watch them just get it. They will follow momma anywhere. They already are trying to get the grubs. move dirt with their feet. And just be chicks. Though they do fall asleep mid action since their so young. They just fall over and take a quickie nap.


  1. Great post. I was born and primarily grew up in Los Angeles. Although I knew I loved nature, I never knew how much until we moved to the Santa Cruz mountains. I'd love to have a ranchette and 30 animals and I LOVE goats (my dachshund has a hound scent, which I have a love/hate relationship with). In the meantime, I'll just visit the county fair, hang out with my farmer friends and read blogs like yours!

  2. Thanks for the visit. Yes, i think life is a bit more, "MORE" when you have these wonderful creatures in your life.

  3. HI Jojo I love your blog. I live in Geneva Fl near sanford. I am buying 2 goats from Joe/Glades ridge in March. Your chicks are cute. We seem to have a fmjcozplot in common. I hope to learn a little from your blog as time goes on.


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