The Mavericks are Mad!

And i don't blame them. The real Mavericks, that is. The ones that coined the word. That word is just not the same any more to me too. I've owned horses most of my life. I've ridden a few "mavericks". ( horses- people- horses). When you got on a horse named Maverick you new it was going to be a fun ride. With people, the word Maverick brought to mind a gristly soul, or walks to the beat of their own drummer. Someone you just wanted to get to know better. Instinctively, you knew their life was one big giant ride.

But now, sadly, that moniker just doesn't have that cool ring to it anymore. Over used. Over done. Oh my like "beating a dead horse". I hate that saying too.

A fellow blogger Pete said this all first. I read the post but thought not to post on it then. He followed up with this CNN video. Sad. Funny. And the real "Mavericks" aren't at all happy.

but hidden in all this is Joe Biden's brilliant comeback to it all... Ring's too true.

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