Good Karma!

On the threads of my last post. And on being nice, While reading tonight found this quote from a fellow blogger. Simple, elegant, truth and i just like how he put all the words together. I hope to live my life in good karma. I do try you know.

This quote came from this article written in the Buddhism section.

"the reality of karma is simple, and thoroughly non-mystical. If I am in the habit of allowing myself to live in anger, without exploring the reasons for and healthfully discharging it, I will tend to respond to the difficulties I encounter along the way with anger. That will engender anger in others, and insure that I do, indeed, reap what I have sown. By the same token, if I choose to live my life with patience, gratitude and kindness, I will reap that in return — not all the time, but more often than not. If I intentionally cheat others in business, I will need to spend an uncomfortable life watching my back — or paying someone else to do it. Karma is a matter of cause and effect: a generous, loving, forgiving, helpful person reaps those benefits in return. She attracts people with those qualities, and her own qualities nurture theirs. She is a nucleus for good."

And while we're on the subject of this blog. This crackerboy is a font of knowledge on all sorts of really interesting stuff. Good reading.

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