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Always searching for fun farm blogs, i found the macdaddy of them all.

This blog houses blogs from around the world. They will do a write up on blogs they come across, or blogs you recommend, or unabashedly ask to be included. I asked if goodness!gracious acres could be part of the farm roll. I am a farm you know. I am. Really. And He said yes. Ian, nice guy.

You can get lost in there, going from blog to blog to blog. As i've been doing since the sun came up. Here is my write up.

But bookmark the site from here. Its one you'll want to keep going back to.

He's doing a great service by getting all these blogs in the same place. His only request is that you promote 5 more of your favorite farm blogs. Hmmmm... I have so many. But recently these 5 seemed to stand out for me. And gives a good smattering of diversity. And below is my short reasoning why i go back.

Here was my list.

Sugarmountain farm. Vermont.
awesome blog. Walter is so well read and i like going there for tips and what his family is up to. Plus, a huge fighter of our NAIS program that the USDA are trying to pass. His other site is Nonais.org. He is a hog farmer and always questions the status quo I really like that. Always thinking how to do it better. Extremely knowledgeable hog farmer.

Adventures of the Farmers wife. (not sure location)
This is a new blog I’m following. I think she is onto something and I really enjoy following both my passions at once. She is starting up a magazine for “rural women” and also is a farmer/farmer’s wife. I think she mentions 5th generation on the same land. Unheard of nowadays. So, I’m looking forward to her blogs in the future.

Alpaca farmgirl.
First blog I’ve found that raise alpacas. And I just started to watch her blog. Like it a lot. Goats and Alpacas are a lot alike so I plan to learn a lot from her.

Pile of O’Melays.
Just plain ole down home country fun. And their antics with children and raising them around farm animals.
You can tell by his writings he’s just a really smart guy. And his posts are interesting.

Apifera Farm. Oregon.
Her moniker is “where animals, art and lavender collide”. How could I not follow this blog. ;) art and animals. My two favorite things. She is a wonderful artist. And she writes books and stories about her donkeys. And they are precious. If I could afford her paintings I would decorate the whole house in them. It’s her fault I have a miniature horse. And thinking of getting a miniature donkey.

Prairieland Herbs. Iowa.
I first found them looking for all organic soaps and oils and lotions. Became a customer. Then realized they had a blog too> :) And became a fan and follow regularly. I now make my own soaps and I like to visit for inspiration and to see what they are doing on their farm and store.

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