Whats Easier ? Flickr. Smugmug. Aperture.

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Isn't this just how all family photos go? not a one will sit still.

Actually this blog is a test for me and how to get photos up on my blog as quickly and easily as possible.

I like the idea of using flickr. and i like how its easy to go from Aperture to Flickr. OR Smugmug if you are fan of that instead. But what i can't figure out is why only one photo at a time can be uploaded here on my blog when using either or.

The ease of use once inside flickr is great, you find your photo, you click to BLOG IT. and it seamlessly puts that first photo up with your copy and your photo, and creates a brand new entry. But, it only allows one photo. I'm not a one photo type of gal. So this is a tad irksome.

Once you get the hang of it you can find the icon up on the Flickr site that says SHARE IT. and that gives you the option to copy and paste the "embed" code. Or you can link it (which they expressly tell you not to). Just as a test i did both.


This photo was embedded.

This photo was a URL link.

The only differences i see are one has a border around it. I do like the original post photo with that border around it.

Hmmm. Now onto smugmug. I like this site for high end printouts. I also like how they handle the shots, and the printing protocols they use for professional looking photos. I researched a couple of years ago, and found this site to be the best for that kind of use. It is geared more for the serious photog rather than most point and shooters. As well you can sell your photos. Flickr you can't.

Same test. I uploaded easily from Aperture to Smugmug. but same issue applies. I can only embed one photo at a time. And its taking the link only and then using the get photo menu icon up at the top of your blogger window. So here they give you the link but not the embed code. Here it is one more step.

the photo below is a smug mug import. One nice aspect in this instance is when you click the photo it does give you a larger photo. It doesn't take you to the smugmug site. Flickr photos do. Click on photo below. Then click on the first photo in this blog to see what i mean.

There are trade-offs to both. Flickr photo is larger when it comes in to blogger. I like that. The smugmug photo while smaller will show the larger shot when clicked.

Smugmug does offer lightbox and slideshow and gallery links. Not sure what they do except move you to the smugmug site. Here is the slideshow link.

Here is the gallery link.

Overall, neither site does what i like. I want the option to upload more than one photo at one time. It's all about saving time. And ease of use. Nothing seems to be any faster than just housing the photos on your hardrive and then clicking the ADD PHOTO button here on the blog window. and uploading straight from that. Except then aperture doesn't work well in that situation as you must export your photos out of Aperture, find it on your hardrive, then upload once inside the blogger window.

Now if blogger made an Aperture to Blogger direct export. I'd be one happy camper.

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