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I discovered Zazzle a few years ago. Although i didn't really do much with it, it seems that i'm selling items. I know, I know there isn't much traffic in the goat department, but i had created this logo and put it on a mug for a dear friend, Riki for her birthday, made the mugs, and bought them for her. Put them up for "public" view, as a what the heck, and well... sold a few. dozen.

So of course that led to a few more items. And created different things within that logo.

And now they make Keds shoes.

You can personalize any way you want. So i went a bit nuts with that too. These are my favorites. And going to get a pair. Soon as i can justify spending 60 bucks. :) Hey i'm on a budget.

I created this dragonfly as an icon for my business. I love dragonflies. I loved the movie dragonfly. And They are always all over my property. Dragonflies just seem to be the best of all worlds. Bugs. Birds. Butterflies. I just love them!

WHY? i haven't a clue.

And here is something fun to do. I belong to a goat club, called The Sunshine Goat Club of Florida. And thought hmmm tool to get money for the club? So i created these.

Point is anyone can create. And design. And make a few bucks extra by doing this. I admit I know the ins and outs on how to do it. And there is a bit of learning curve. But still anyone can.

Try it!

Go on! What are you waiting for?


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