This program is turning out to be a great little investment. The best part is there are mini apps or plugins you can download so that you can upload directly to facebook. Or from itunes or to Flicker, and smugmug. But there isn't one to upload directly to blogger. C'mon Blogger get with the program. :)

here is more information on the software.

This is different than bridge in that it only deals with photos. So bridge is still a necessary program to have for managing all your pdf's, quark, indesign, illustrator files. But overall they work together.

I like the interface of aperture. And have now successfully downloaded over 12,000 photos. Where you can keep them exactly where they are in your hardrive. Unlike Iphoto that will copy them.

And when working with raw photos you can do minor color corrections. save as. Move. Or just upload seamlessly the jpg half size feature for website work. Saves me time when i shoot everything raw. but don't want to open all photos and spend the time changing and resaving each individual one.

I'm still learning all the ins and outs. But so far so good. I do like and recommend.

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