ok i did it. i joined facebook.

I swore i wasn't that kind of computer geek. But then someone mentioned how it was a good way to promote yourself. Or your work. and well, i decided, what the heck.

Next thing i know i'm re-acquainting with friends from High School. College. Old jobs.

Actually its quite fun. Almost (sorta) really addicting. But so far in one month, i've reconnected to a freelancer that i loved to use way back when, he's a great guy, just in time, i might add for a big project. Reconnected with an old high school buddy that i miss. Met a few new people that i didn't get to know in high school. Who are pretty cool now. Keep more in touch with family. Even got my mother to join. I've even friended up with some clients i work with. It's kind of nice to see the human side of them. :)

All in all its fun. Its nothing like the "myspace" junk. It's people my age. Supposed adults. But a nice place to relax and see pictures of what everyone else is doing. going. etc..

I think i'll give it the two thumbs up!!!

If you are on there too, come find me!


  1. Been thinking of doing the same thing. Maybe i'll go check it out now.

  2. cool. and oh heck ya. i'm going to your etsy site. your jewelery so far i've seen is really cool.

    thanks for the visit!



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