Do you love the Everglades?

I do... yes probably a strange thing to say you love. But i do. I live out by Corbett and this is still a remote everglades area. Though slowly being encroached upon you can still see the amazing - ness of it all. Sometimes even in my back yard. click here to see all my posts on what i've got in my backyard and the Gator post.

Did you know i went on a ten day canoe trip into Everglades National Park? It was the most awesome trip i've ever taken. I still remember much of it vividly and fondly. And with longings to go back. Although the boyfriend that took me turned out to be a wacko, one thing i have to say is he introduced me to the most wonderful parts of Florida, by boat, by horseback, with friends that have the land, in the keys, in Big Cypress, Black water sound, Shark Valley, 10,000 islands, Chokoluskee, Everglades City. The books. All of it. And i should, but never did thank him for that. As it opened me up to a whole world i never even knew about. And i've lived in Florida since 1978.

oh heck i got sidetracked. But the point of this posting, was, I was reading Junglepetes blog. His recount of the yearly "muck-about" at Clyde Butchers home. I want to go next year. Any takers? I would love to get a few of other Florida lovers and do this sometime next year, its in September. We missed this years. But how cool. It's organized. Its very safe. Well, as safe as anyone is in groups, and in the wild. But still very cool. You probably get to meet Clyde Butcher. Well, maybe....

I think i might have one friend interested in going, but other than that? not anyone i know would, as they are all of the mall mindset. :(

And my neighbors. They also have broadened my experiences into the wilds of Florida, on their buggy's and on their airboats. And teacing me about JW Corbett.

I'm off to go find my old photos of my trip.

aah found them....

here they are.

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