Red Cell Bandit

Last night while i was making my Geritol, Red Cell, Nutridrench, high iron supplemental etc. concoction, i got a bit sidetracked with something else. I left it on the counter to finish it up later when i realized its awfully quiet in here with two goats in the house.

YES! two because my little baby Roman needs some mom time too. he's so little. and I've been focusing all my time on keeping Noble alive. Anyway, like I said it was berry berry quiet in the house. So i went to investigate...

AND this is what i found.

Seems like what i have to syringe down Noble's throat, roman is slurping it up like its candy. Now why is that? The sick one that needs it is fighting and head tossing like i'm killing him with this stuff, and this one who doesn't need it just slurps it up.

On the upswing, Noble is a bit better. His hematocrit numbers are increasing. From 8% to 16% in these past five days. Tongue is showing a bit of pink but eyelids and gums mouth are still really white.

To make matters worse, I learned, that when a buck goes into "rut" that process stops the production of red blood cells or slows it down. I don't understand it. But when i told the vet he was acting a bit better, good enough even to flirt with the girls she gave one of those uhoh, not good looks. Yikes! So, he's getting better enough to feel better and flirt but then we don't want him to.

LOL how do you keep a buck out of rut?

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