wind power... sounds good!

We are gluttons. I am truly in a brazen frame of mind. But we are. Look at that quote above. What i want to know is when those " third world countries" that aren't so third world anymore catch up to what we use. Look at China right now, In the spotlight because of the Olympics. They are where we were at in the 70's. It won't take them long at all to out consume us.

So, here is a blog and a plan. I found it on FC 's PureFlorida blog, and was looking at it for a couple of days till i clicked the visual. Its here and on my sidebar. So give it a click and learn some more...

I'm sure its not the only plan. Nor might it be the best plan. I've heard there are some massive complaints from people that live on the border of some of these farms. The sound these wind turbines make is terrible.

But then i just did the math on the numbers from this site. Cursory attempt at trying to understand it. We Americans consume 21 million barrels of oil a year. And one turbine can produce the equivalent of enough power for one year of 12,000 barrels of oil. Right? with me so far? so that breaks down to 1,750 wind turbines needed to jettison what we use in oil. Is it that simplistic? I wonder if they can break that even further down by state? Where each state takes 35? would that work? I haven't a clue. But either or, the numbers don't seem that bad.

But i truly don't know much on the subject. Just starting to listen to the Plan.

OK Update on my airheaded math project..above.. Its all wrong! Thanks to my anonymous poster pointing out my massive error. LOL..

EGADS! thats 21million barrels a day we consume.

7,665,000,000 oil a year. then when i do the math (again) it does change my view a bit. 638,750 turbines scattered around the country or in the middle of it... if each state did create their own farms each would use 12,775 turbines per state. Ok, now i'm not so sure... there are only 10 states in that orange area for high winds. hmmmm that changes things a bit. 64,000 turbines per state. YUCK!

Funny how i convinced myself based on bad math!! ha!

But not funny. Though i can see the argument against it now! Before while i was doing the math i could see portions of the states in question alloting small areas of land for this. Thinking this isn't so bad...But now? I wonder how many they need to put together to achieve maximum output. How closely they can put them together utilizing the least land. At first the thumbprint these things are leaving seemed minimal. Now not so sure. Needless to say, there is much more to learn about these things.

Thanks anonymous. Appreciate the pointing out my math error.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2008

    Actually American consumes 21 million barrels PER DAY. Amazing, isn't it?

    So your math is right as long as you multiply your result by 365 days to give you an annual number.


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