Dammit! You're going on a diet.

I know! it's totally counter-intuitive, a pig that needs to lose weight.

I've tried. I really have. This guy is my favorite sneak. My old closet companion. My tipper of garbage. The rototiller extraordinaire. The mad 100 yard dasher. But enough is enough. he needs to lose weight!

It's WAR! baby!

Iggy is now 3.5 years old. Neutered (which i'm sure doesn't help). Has now full grown tusks. And is an absolute joy to have around. He loves his mama. He hates that i've stopped all food. Well, all grains. He's now only getting what he can find (grazing and rooting) and the hay he MUST share with 2 horses and one buck.

My little iggy is getting not so little anymore. Our goal, begrudgingly is to have him svelte by winter. November we'll check back in to see how he's doing. That is five months of no grain.

So without being too lame, I'm ROOTING for piggy to succeed in being this years biggest loser...

Wish us luck!


  1. Just found your blog through FC. Wonderful reading and pics. And your piggy is so cute!!

  2. HA! I feel just like Iggy some days!

    Carbs are the bad guy! :-)

  3. dani, Thank you! yes he is so cute! if 200lbs of blubber is cute...

    just the right size i haven't forgotten you're tag>>> just remiss to post about me i have so many other more important things to talk about. like overweight piggy's.>... LOL


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