A Cava-Poo? what next?

ok you know.... when they mix a purebreed with another purebreed. It does not make another purebreed. It makes a mutt. A $600 one. Or more. This is the latest trend.

C'mon get up to speed friends.

This here little mutt, i mean really expensive bundle of joy is my mother's solution to keeping her other dog, Sparkle happy. Sparkle in my estimation WAS already happy. But who's to argue?

Mom calls the other day to say she can't potty train this little Bundle. Hmmm.

Okie dokie.

well i just fell into that scheme. Bring her up, i'll train her. LOL

The Cava-Poo (not so great name, me thinks) is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a toy poodle. Don't know the breed? CLICK HERE

Now we all know a poodle. Great dogs. And we are all up to speed on the CKC which is a spaniel of sorts. So of course i just love her. Her personality is mush. Eager to please. Easy to get along with. And potty trained in about an hour after my mother left... :) hasn't made a mistake since... A little timid, but hey, she's up against pigs and horses and goats. I'd be too!

So... me thinks it was just a ploy for me to watch her dog while she took a quick trip to Jax to visit the cuz...

Don't like the Cava-Poo? well they have Bichon-poo's, and how about a Cava-cocker?


well then let me interest you in possibly a Cava Chon?
if you can figure that one out... let me know.

oh no! i found one more.... a Doxie Poo... egads.

Ok one more but i swear no more after this one...

A Jack Rat!

I'm serious, google it!

She is cute though! Even if her name is PIKI!

my new kitten Max is totally enthralled with this whole discussion!

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