What is this blog about?

As i'm searching the web like always on Sunday morning, looking for new and fun blogs to read,and went to sign up for blogher, i realize does mine have a purpose? What category would i fall under? Arts? Entertainment? what?

So what is my purpose? Do i need one? Should i get one? Should it be geared to others? or just my usually rantings and antic stories?

I've come to the conclusion that if not one person read my blog it still does me a world of good. It keeps me focused. I get excited to share something here on the farm which makes me run for my camera. It's soothing. It's like therapy. It's fun. It keeps me out of trouble. It surely keeps me HUMBLE.

I went over my sitemeter for the last 8 months. The most read posts are the ones that are informative. My ivermectin posts on OD'ing your dog is by far the most read post. Scary too! That means that everyone all over the world(yes i mean world) has the same issues and questions regarding this.

Next on the list are my snake posts. :) My blue-eyed snake question seems to also be on everyone's list to find out what is up with that? Well that is simply the snake getting ready to shed its skin. Cool, eh? But i would never have found that out if a reader hadn't chimed in on the comment area.

My chicken coop post is also the most googled.

And my name. JOJO. Constantly getting hits from young kids looking up a famous singer. I have no idea who she is. All i know is i had the name first! . Though might change the blog name to my farm name. hmm not sure.

So here it is... My blog is about living the simple life with my animals. Some here have a purpose with meaning. (like my goats and milking). And some are just here to give me purpose. ( like iggy the piggy:) It's for people that only have an animal or two, and can live vicariously thru this blog when thinking of getting another. Or another dozen. It's to see how an eccentric single gal is doing it on her own and loving every minute of it. And my stressful moments regarding all this too (like hurricane season). I will have to start grabbing the camera at odd times to document other tribulations of owning a house, acreage, barns and whatnot. i seem to be one to document the cute. Not the needed.

So there you have it. Not much here to change the world. Not much Intellectual stimulations. No giant revelations. Not much of much. Just enough to keep me going. And out of trouble.


  1. I don't think you have to have a specific purpose for your blog as long as you're getting enjoyment out of writing it.

    Yay for signing up as a member of BlogHer! Thanks for commenting on my post about singles. :)

  2. :0) thank you! and you're welcome. Your post struck a chord...


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