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What is so upsetting i guess is that nothing is being done to stop this. Where are the government research groups? Where are OUR lobbyists that are fighting to stop 3 or 4 giant companies from controlling the world's food? And now with all the flooding in the Midwest, this is just fuel for Monsanto's fire. With many farmers crops gone. Their farms possibly gone. I bet Monsanto will there. And the farmer who has lost it all, hoping to regain something, will make a deal with the devil.

Grist Commentary, Our Ruined Harvest

Patenting the "Climate Genes"

Interesting items in these articles.

Monsanto spends over $2million a day in research.

US corn production is 44% of the worlds export.

Japan imports almost 100% of their corn from the US.

Monsanto has filed over 500 patents across the globe for their seeds. Their latest claim is the "climate ready" seed.

BASF is another company in this megalopoly.

And this is what made me choke on my water.

"The top 10 seed companies control 57% of the global seed market".

Grist article, Dominant Traits

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