Maximillian and his mouse

or is it maximillion. :)

This is my newest little stinker. And he shall forever more be named Max. He is just the biggest bad ass kitty i've ever seen. He thinks he is human. And he believes that the mouse is his play toy.

Cute eh? my computer mouse. Aptly named. And its HIS!!! But only when i'm moving it around. Only when i'm moving it around trying to do something important on a project. He's nowhere to be seen now that i'm just goofing off.

Stinker has no less shut off my screen a total of 30 times since he discovered how to get up here on my desk. He's also learned to hit redial on my phone. To the dismay of a client. He won't leave the mouse alone. And last night while i was working couldn't figure out why there were so many night bugs on my computer screen. WELLLL>>>>> he learned how to pop open the screening on my window. That's all i need another way for the chickens to sneak in.

My hands look like they've been thru a grinder. I've got cuts and scrapes all over them. I'm surprised I haven't gotten cat scratch fever yet.

Stinker should be his name. But i'm hoping he'll grow out of it. Then i'll start calling him Max.

Even Cyprus (my african grey) has started calling him stinker. Stinker NO!. Stinker STOP. OUCH stinker!!! Bad stinker...

They do grow out of this? Right? Someone please tell me they do!!!

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