FDA Globalization Act of 2008-please read! important

My goodness.... It's NAIS all over again. But this time its for the small cosmetics owners. And soap makers.

I can't possible explain this any better than what i'm linking. Firstly, watch the Youtube video below.

then go to this site to sign the petition.


Then, please check out the links to THE House committee page where you can watch another video.


And then download the pdf file that outlines this law they want to put into effect.

The way i see it is we have a serious import problem. China products, etc. Things that we can't seem to control. And because of this, my impression is lets punish us Americans doing the right thing, by creating stricter, and more stringent controls and laws to allow more importation (and on the NAIS its more exportation). Hoping this will lesson the problems. It won't. If i can see this at my paltry level of information. why can't the government


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