IT never fails. i get something every time i bring a cat into my home. Well, actually a kitten. I remember about 8 years ago a kitten i found in the garbage no less gave me scabies. oh WHAT A NIGHTMARE! on my belly and thighs. as it was sitting right there as i drove it home. Talk about crazy itching. for weeks.

Well, i adopt these two kittens. So darn cute. And i give one to my friend NR. And i keep the male. Though i did notice a bit of hair missing on one and something a tad crusty, never thought more of it.

Bad jojo!!!

i know. i know.. but a ringworm popped up on my shoulder. typical round raised pattern. then another. Then on my other arm. then my leg. UGH!!!!!!

It seems though that tea tree oil on me is doing the trick. Though do NOT put tea tree oil on the kitten ( not sure why). I think i'm going to dip him in apple cider vinegar today and see how that works for a natural deterrent.

He is cute though! and such a little stinker.

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