A bit of florida history

This door is from an old Tobacco house. I love it!

just think this shot could've been taken over 100 years ago.
well... except for the USDA ear tags now on them.

This is a shot of an old school house.
circa? 1900? possibly. i forgot to ask.

cool eh? window from the schoolhouse.

I went to a friends farm this past weekend. wowza... As i was being given the grande tour on the coolest ATV in the world, all sorts of tidbits of history were popping out of MO's mouth. Like there is an old family cemetary in the corner of the property. And that this old building used to be the old school house. And so many other really neat things. An old tobacco barn. An old farrier office. It just boggled the mind to think someone has such a long history with one piece of property. As my friend kept talking it was "great, great grand dad" this. or GGGdad that. Again, mind boggling. As an adopted kid who moved 13 times in 40 years, including two different states, i just can't fathom that kind of roots... geesh. thats less than 3 years a stay... :) and i always wondered why i can't sit still thru a whole movie. Or meeting, no less to the dismay of clients. LOL... i digress!

I'm sure my family has roots... Back in the "old" country. And i'm sure there are lots of things i could learn and ask about, but for some reason Florida history has me bound and gagged in all things relating to it. Probably because its related to my own history as it unfolds.

Anyway, the history of this place called for a bit of nostalgic air to the photos taken of a few of these old structures. They might not be around for too much longer. Though they have survived a myriad of hurricanes.

The "vintage" look came from pre setup actions i downloaded a few months back. So thanks to Pioneer woman and her giving up free actions for photoshop, i got to try them out and put them to use on these pics. Which also begs a mention, talk about history of her husbands farm... another wowza.. Same thing. Old cemetery and great grand dad stories abound. check her out if in the cowboy mood

i do! Almost every day! :)

Anyway! history and Florida. Really really cool.

ok... so this isn't an old school house or chicken coop.
But with the vintage feature it sure could be. :)

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