Life Cycles

Well, in two days i will be 43 years old. Though i don't normally bring attention to this day, my birthday, i do want to for some reason this year. Maybe because so many BIRTHS happened in the last month i was directly in control of. Or maybe because i was involved in a dear friends death in February. OR even the few animals that graced my life that moved on this past year. I've blogged about it all here. Or maybe its just because i'm getting older and all this seems to sit deeper in one's mind. Who knows!

All i know is that i believe that life moves in circles. cycles. and the last few days of the year for me, are spent thinking about what the past year meant. What i did. what i didn't do. How i improved things. Or made them worse. WHAT I LEARNED! and watching how this year is coming to a close. How many other people born on April 6th will be thinking like this?

I'm thinking of all the cyclical things that will come to a close. Just to start up on the 7th. Like a snake shedding its skin. They have to- to grow. and i guess we all do this every year, just this year i consciously have thought about it. Uh OH could it be i'm maturing?


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