Goat's Milk Soap

I made Goat's Milk Soap. And what fun! My fabulous friend KD came over with all her supplies, (good friend), and we concocted a batch of really cool soap. The soap's coloring comes naturally with the oils used.

My two favorites are vanilla and lavendar. Vanilla just because that scent is so intoxicating and reminds me of i don't know what.... and lavendar because its a natural bug repellant, smells awesome and is also a calming and soothing smell.

The vanilla fragrance oil we used will make that part of the bar darker. The lavendar will keep the soap color more yellow and natural. As a goof we split the mixture at trace into two separate pours then added the oils for each one. Then we poured at the same time. stirring once or twice in a Z pattern.

The soap is curing great. And smells delish. I can't wait to try it. And i really can't wait to make some more..

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