Goat's Milk BUTTER

This was a TOTAL fluke. Really easy though. Firstly, butter comes from the cream that separates from the milk. And for weeks i've been pulling off the top of 24 hour old milk a thin little layer of cream. I'm thinking wowza... NOT! at this rate it will be months before i get butter.

Well..... last night cleaning the fridge realized there was in the back a jar (quart mason jar) of 4 or 5 day old milk. ugh right? wrong!!!! on the top of this was over 4 inches of cream. Thick rich creamy cream. Think consistency of mayonnaise. Dip a spoon in and it just sits there.

So i gathered the cream off the top put it in a little plastic bowl with top and started shaking. At one point you can feel the sloshing stop. When i opened it up it now looked like whipped cream. more foamy. and it took up all the bowl space. I thought i screwed it up so i just put the top back on and went on to do something else for a minute or two. When i came back to toss, i realized that their was now the start of butter in there. Formed in the middle of some water. Poured out the water. and started shaking again. Poured out more water. and shook again. put a bit of salt in. shook one more time. well actually at this point i swirled. Then i put it in the fridge. and it hardened. Like butter. HA! I made butter.

The water that comes off it at first was well watery, but the more i shook the more oily it became. And then finally it just stopped. Now the butter this morning does have a bit of oil beadlets on the top of it. And wonder if i should have shook or used a spatula to press more out like a churn would, but the butter on my english muffin tasted GREAT! now thats Wowza!

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  1. i know, i know, two years late on this comment. c'est la vie!
    butter? from goat's milk? i've always heard it wasn't possible! learn something new every day, i guess. AND happy birthday, again girl!


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