what did you do today?

Not a darn tootin thing. Except play with 2 day olds..

With these guys everything is a first. First time seeing water. First time realizing they don't like it. First time on the grass. FIrst time seeing a turkey. All monday, was one giant FIRST.

And what fun!

They are just seeing far enough to find me. They have no fear. As of yet. They are pretty healthy as far as i can see. But mostly they are FAR from leaving...

I know! they have to go! but not quite yet.

momma is doing good. Vet came out and tested the milk. I'll have results this week. in the meantime, milk is increasing. This morning 32 oz. This evening's i haven't measured yet.

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  1. oh my gosh! i am just sooo jealous! i want a goat so bad but danny keeps saying no! i may just go out and get one anyway.......he never makes me give up something i already have lol
    these lil guys are completely charming!


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