Riki's Gone - such a sad time.

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My friend riki.

When you make a friend, it doesn't matter if its been lifelong, or just a few months old, you know that person is your friend. And you can talk everyday or you can talk once a month. You can know one facet of that persons life, or you can know all the different facets. Although Riki and i were only friends for a few years, it felt like we had known each other always. And my life i can't remember how it was without the goats, and without Riki in it.

Riki Died Friday.
7:04 am February 15, 2008

She was only 62 years old. And having goats won't be the same again. In the 3 years I knew her I received over 30 years of goat knowledge. It was amazing and I'm grateful.

I met Riki in the in the unlikeliest of places, an internet chat room. For Goats. :) Upon receiving my first goats, I was clueless. And Riki came to my rescue.

And a friendship started. My need for a mentor, and her need to mother seemed to just work out great. I never argued with Riki about Goats, but we surely argued about everything else. I would always laugh and tell her " i have a mother"... and she would laugh and tell me, " your a mess, girl"... but secretly it was nice. Though my mother is great, Riki was not a typical advice giver, and she just seemed to know me and accept things. And i bet there was this mothering aspect to it all. And don't we all who have animals do that to an extent? Especially the fact that i focus my life around animals. And so did she.

Riki would do her best to sell me on faith. religion. And all that goes with it. For my birthday she bought me a bible. And let me tell you this is one psychodelic bible. SHE knew i wouldn't look at anything less. This bible was designed! And as a designer its fantastic. Because i'm a bit strange, this bible needed to be too. She knew what would take to get me to at least open it. I would listen. and I would hold up my hand when I had enough. I love the history. I don't like the preaching and the rhetoric. I believe in the universe. But I believe it evolved.. and here we diverged. But it didn't matter. And she respected it. And i loved her for it.

For the last 2 weeks I've been taking care of Riki's animals. So her husband doesn't have to bother with that stuff right now. And what a joy for me. I would rather (and did) spend the two hours a day as close to Riki as possible. To me? that was with the animals. Not in the hospital. Not watching her suffer. And not sitting next to her holding her hand. She had a family to help her thru till the end. I know that is important, but I knew Riki would understand. Her animals were her babies. And i was there to help them too. They won't be getting Riki Kisses anymore. That is the saddest thing of all. So, I fell right into the swing of it. And learned about each and everyone of her 40+ animals. And everyday i talk nicely to them, and give them little treats, and help them too. I think it's an honor that I could do that.

Riki's goats were her pride and joy. Each one was named especially, and appropriately and each one has a story. Each one has a bit of Riki's personality. Together they make up Riki. She named them like, Serenity, God's Promise, Dulcinea, Kissy-Face, Aurora, Lil-Bit, Latte. Can you see a bit of her in those names?

All riki was doing was looking for some SERENITY, she has found it. BUt i think she had it while alive too. And God's promise? well i'm sure you can surmise that she made a pact/a promise hoping that she could stay a while longer. Promise is 7 years old. the same age the cancer came. She stayed 6 years longer than the Doctors anticipated. Dulcinea, well, in Don Quixote's Man of La Manch she was a bit of a vamp. I could see that in Riki, in her younger days. Some good stories there. Kissy Face that is all she did with them. And so on... Each of these wonderful creatures represent just a little bit about Riki. I cherish the moments I get to spend with them. Each one is special. And each one is a little bit of Riki.

her favorite was splash. He died last week. He was always alone since he was the buck. And he just couldn't take the loneliness. He died One week before riki. And from no apparent cause. Just of a broken heart.

Poor Riki, she knew last month this was getting bad. And for the last 5 months she had been in and out of the hospital. And i would go that first day. or week. And urge her to get better and she would, to an extent. And, she would rally a bit, but cumulatively she would just get a little bit worse. Finally, I think she just realized that promise she made and knew her time was up. I guess she did all that she needed to do in this life. I don't feel that is so. But i'm just selfish.

And Riki, If you are watching, don't get too mad, I changed a few of their eating habits, hee,hee, because they just weren't eating for me, till i started to baby them. Promise is doing good, and serenity is eating more. Kissy is a bit of a bully and dulcinea still sounds like a fog horn. But they're doing fine. And i think that they will be ok. the rest of us? well...

We just miss you. But whenever i can i'll go play with the "girls" because i know they are all a part of you.

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  1. oh jo! i am soooooo sorry for your loss! i'll be carrying you close in my thoughts and prayers during these next difficult days!


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