do you believe in signs?

I'm still thinking about Riki. And all week long i've been thinking about where is she and is she where she thinks she is... and so on. I keep walking around here saying, "c'mon riki gimme a sign"... :)

oh well. that is how i'm dealing with it.

but wait... let me ask you are these signs? or my overactive imagination wishing they were...

1. The day after riki died I found a cockatiel. He flew into my yard, dive bombing me. obviously trying to land on me. He's now in the living room. (i've secretly been thinking of getting one.)

2. I found a lost dog... But better yet!! i found his owner too.

3. Riki's goats stopped eating the day she came home. and she was home for 2 full days. i couldn't get them to finish anything. The day after she passed they ate.

4. Splash her buck died the week before riki did.

5. her peacocks showed up for the first time in months. they disappeared late last year. They stayed and roosted the entire time riki was home. I haven't seen them this week at all.

6. As i was fetching eggs tonight at Riki's i put the feeder down, and a chicken obliged me with one more.. talk about fresh.

7. just me thinking about riki and the afterlife, is a sign unto itself.

so? sign? or me wishing they were.

On second thought, i guess they aren't. But Riki? if you wanna give me one? how about 2 doelings out of delilah? purty please?

i miss my friend!

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  1. there is a story that goes like this:

    a flood was coming, and the authorities were evacuating everyone. one man refused explaining that he put his faith in God to provide for him.
    next day, the water was up to his knees and and when a rowboat came to rescue him, he refused again, patiently explaining that God would, indeed, provide for his needs.
    the following day the water was up to his chest when the boat came by and you guessed it, he refused again.
    on the third day, the water was too rough for a boat so they sent a helicopter for the man. he refused yet again, staunchly maintaining that he was trusting God to provide for him.
    when the water receded, they found the man's body and they sadly took it away, shaking their heads.

    the man arrived in heaven and said to God, "Lord, i just don't understand it, my faith was unwavering and i put all my trust in you. why didn't you save me?"

    God looked at him and replied, "i sent you two rowboats and a helicopter, what more do you want from me"

    signs? you bet they were signs girl!


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