Well, I did it!

I just couldn't take it any longer. I waited all day and all night and into the next day till i just couldn't take it any more...

I successfully slept thru it. worked thru it. mucked thru it. Until my hands were hurting. And my nose was sniffling. My ears hurt. and my feet throbbed.

what you say? what did i do?


Cause its so DAMNED COLD!!!

Can you believe it? South Florida. Heat. Not outside. In the house. The fake kind. Forced. make your nose all crinkly kind.

Last night was funny. Those of you who live in the cold don't realize HOW WE who live in the sunshine take all that you have to go thru in winter for granted. For instance, It took me an extra 10 minutes every time I wanted to go outside. Where's my hat. Where's my gloves. Where's my socks. Where's my shoes. I mean c'mon. SHOES? I haven't had socks on in years. Well, ok when i wear my cowboy boots i do. BUT not those thick ugly, remember the 80's flash dance socks. *snort*

I garner i wasted an hour and a half today putting on stuff. Finding stuff. Winter stuff. And most of the time. i just didn't go outside.

You have no idea the grief we Floridians have to go thru, for a whole two days of cold weather... I know pelt me now.

Tomorrow? back to normal. Mosquitos and all. highs' in the 80's. And i really can't wait. I have a couple of turtles that are driving me nuts in the bathtub. And a baby hen in the garage. And last night a pig that was squealing to get into the goats stall. He knows where the body heat is, he ain't no sap. Those guys emit 104˚ daily x 3 it was pretty cozy sleeping next to one of them.

Oh, and i forget that you have to take all this stuff off again once back inside the house. So make that 3 hours wasted a day.

here's to remembering the dog days of summer.

This is rodney. He lives next door. Even he had on shoes yesterday.


  1. hahahahahahaha! you hit the nail on the head girlie! wow! what an eye opener for us crackers! i even smoked in the house a few times (yeah yeah i know i know)
    we went to turn our heat on only to discover that it is caput! so off to home depot we went only to find there was ONE tiny little ceramic heater left on the shelf! LOL
    danny brought it home and i rigged up a 250 watt brooder lamp in the living room to supplement. sad state of affairs when i am better prepared for my critters than my humans, huh? c'est la vie i guess!

  2. ME TOO!!! i couldn't figure it out. but i think the thermostat gauge need calibrating if that is something to do... i had to crank it up to 85 before it would flip on.. :)

    back to normal? NOT. its still pretty scary out there but not like that night.


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