MORE GMO articles to read

I don't know about you, but this stuff really gets me boiling. And a little nauseous to boot. The milk i'm drinking is WHAT?? Farmers not allowed to proclaim their milk is all natural and doesn't have rBST in it?

well... soon i do believe i will be swimming in it. And not to take away from my wallowing in WHERE ARE THE BABES? This is too important not to post and keep it on everyone's mind.

And i know people READ my BLOG. (now why don't you post?)

Reminds me of the Dances with wolves scene where the old cow hand, says, people back East are wondering, "now why don't he write?", when he's looking at a corpse with an arrow thru his body. Great scene!

Anyway, back to MONSANTO and the evil GMO...


Read the articles.

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