Happy SNOOZE Year everyone!!

i'm going back to take a nap after this post. i can't wait. Hoping everyone gets to relax and enjoy the day the best they know how.

After last night, in my neighborhood? i know everyone is sleeping late.

Even the chickens are snoozing. See the photo of them? look at the fence post to the right of the tree. See it?

blow it up. you will!!! never in all my life have i seen such a site. Hawk just sitting there staring at the chickens. and the chickens oblivious. I gather they drank too much eggnog!

Although most of the festivities, started at dark, it really only was 16 minutes after midnight that truly was nightmarish around here. 10,000 homes on 12,000 acres and i think every single one of them was shooting off guns, and fireworks last night.

Of course, i stayed up with probios in one hand and some tums in the other. Both for the goats. And true to form, i went out at 1 am to check on them. Oreo was grinding her teeth. Noble was moaning. And delilah? chewing her cud.. So probios, sodium bicarbonate was given to all. HOW FUN!

Turkeys survived. i thought they were going to have sore throats this morning. Ha. they gobbled at every sound. Chickens? well they were ominously quiet till i heard some screaming from the coop. Rat snake was trying to get away from all the rucus too!

And so there it is... I stayed up all night on New Year's Eve... but not for the reasons i should have...

I feel pretty much how cyprus looks... He gives me this evil eye periodically when he is grumpy and sleepy.

Happy New Year all!!!

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  1. happy new year! i didn't make it till midnight, c'est la vie! i even slept thru the drunken rednecks and their guns around here LOL


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