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Well... things are just busy. and sitting down to devote time to me has well... stopped. And bloggin really is about me. me and the animals. or the animals. Telling you about US. Thinking about all of it. and well...Sometimes i just don't care about me. There was just no time for MEEE this month.



in the last month i've had a bunch of things going on. Oreo had a lump biopsied. (oreo is my nubian). First it was Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Then it wasn't. Now i'm just thinking it was a pathology mixup. I drove to Tampa to see a goat specialist she did biobsy #2 that said it wasn't much of anything. that was a really long day. 5 hours up. 1 hour visit. 5 hours back. And my pal Kathy drove with me. Isn't that a great friend. :)

BUT, on the upswing, we pulled blood just to see if Oreo is preggers...

SHE IS!!!!!!!

How cool is that? Which means? Delilah is preggars. Woohoo!

OH NO...
now what?

So of course i'm on line daily for that crash course.

Way to go NOBLE. (my buckling woohoo he can reach)

In between this my bestest pal Kathy (whom i've blogged about before). Had our first ever meeting of a new goat club in Florida. That was a hoot. And i did help a bit in getting there early. buying extra things. making gift baskets for everyone for the ride home, and so on. FUN DAY!!!! here is a link to all the photos of that day.

christmas party pics

So that took up a couple of days. The goat issue took up alot of time too. What else happened this past month? WORK! lots of it. Very grateful. Since usually this time of year slows down.

LOGOS lots of them. And a magazine. From cover to cover. editorials and ads. 84 pages. Took 3 months. I would post links when they are up on my work blog. Also a logo design is in the works for the Goat Club. 17 versions. I'll post that too soon as one is picked out of 5 contenders.

Oh my hardrive died. Another Fantom Drive. I'm pissed. Two in 4 months. Both of which were sent to me by a client. I in turn bought one on my own. Its still alive but given the circumstances? I bet it doesn't last another 4 months.


My dryer broke. I was line drying. This did not go so well. LOL. I would find undies in the paddock. Buck smell on the towels. Or it would rain. I was trying to save money. All i did was realize? i need my damn dryer fixed.

OOOOH i got this nasty itch... hmmm should i even mention it. Yes! its not like i got it from the bars i don't frequent or the guys i don't date. :) I thought at first it was ugh! scabies. Then i thought oh no! LICE. I've come to the conclusion its allergy related. Since none of the standard prescription meds did anything. So stress and allergies.

As you can see i haven't mentioned "THE HOLIDAYS" thats because i gave them up. Done! No reason as i see it to stress over it anymore. 42 years of doing so. I don't have kids. And I'm not religious. And really that is all this overated, bloated advertising, hallmark moment is anymore. Yes, there i said it!. It's all advertisings fault. I'm a product of my own industry. But not anymore. I give up Christmas.

So there you have it. My month in a nutshell.

And if you've lasted this long on my rantings of me... Here are some of my favorite photos of ME. Rare that i let someone take a picture. But even more rare i even like them. :)

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