Sheridan And Riki

See the goats on the floor? Riki designed and created those!

Each year this display goes up and
comes down without a hitch.
Sher has it down to a science.
It's up within 2 hours of him starting it.

last year this was my favorite poster on display.
It had real hay on the bottom!
Not only was it correctly done,
it had a touchy feely aspect to it too.

Congratulations are in order for some special friends. I've posted about my goat mentor and friend Riki before. And I've alluded to Mr. SHY, AKA Sheridan, her doting husband...

Last night i was in attendance when Sheridan was presented with an award for the outstanding display he created for the South Florida Fair Goat Show. (which by the way is coming up in January). The Livestock show chairman went to Las Vegas to accept this award for:

"Outstanding Competitive Exhibit Display"

This is a national competition of all fairs in all states. And Sheridan WON for our division...

Now how cool is that.

Congratulations Sheridan!

1 comment:

  1. you have the most AWESOME friends!
    send my congrats to sheridan and riki!

    good to see you blogging!


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