Goat Fall Festival

OR should i call this entry, Kathy and JOJO went on an outing....

Friday afternoon I decide that i'm spending the night at Kathy's house, we need to drive to Weirsdale to visit some friends and attend the Goat fall festival. At first i was waffling. Go, No Go! On or Off.

Finally, i just packed up and left the house. Of course, only after filling the car with a weeks worth of food and beverages. :) Mind you, we are only going for the day.

Weirsdale is only 3.5 hours from Kathy's house. Kathy is about an hour or so from me. So it did help that i didn't have to drive 5 hours up and 5 hours back in one day.

I HAD FUN!!!! you know, the kind of fun giggling kids have at sleep overs? That kind.

Although i did get sidetracked by some friends in need, I did finally get over to Kathy's around 11:30pm. Ate and hit the hay. I was up and raring to go at 5am. Now that is truly a first!!! I usually don't go to bed to 2 or 3... :)

Our first giggle turned guffaw was trying to get the goat corral into the back of my truck. Two little gals trying to wedge this monstrosity into my truck in the dark and barely on a cup of coffee. Kathy kept stepping in the rose bushes and swearing at it. I kept saying go wake your husband. We finally got it in. Got the goats and off we went.

Of course, halfway to the turnpike Kathy realizes she forgot to get the Homemade goats cheese out of the fridge. HA! I got mine! Another giggle ensued.

And we're off!!! And we are only 1/2 an hour behind schedule. NOT BAD!!!

The trip was a breeze. 2 hours passed like nothing. And the next hour was trying to decipher her Mapquest directions, against my Google directions, and the directions given by the Owner of the farm. All three were different. LOL. Since I was driving, It was only fair to give up control to Kathy on what was the best way. She got us there without a hitch. Pretty darn good. But not without a bit more laughter on the way. and a couple of coffee stops. how i love my coffee!

The day was fun. I crashed and burned as soon as I got there. Too much adrenaline getting there. Not really paying attention for the first hour. We were late and missed the beginning. And I mentally shut down with the lack of sleep, driving, stress, etc. I didn't even take pictures of the Mini Goat show (the reason we brought the goats). And the hoof trimming discussion.

The Fall Festival was on a sprawling horse farm. I was in HOG HEAVEN. My first love and my latest love all in the same place. At one point i was playing with a couple of yearlings, when I realized everyone was gone... OOOPs, where'd they go? lunch was being served. How can one focus with so many horses everywhere? I can't.

The highlights of the day would have to be the discussion on Fecal counts of your goats. I'm serious!! Christine was a great presenter and i was learning something I had never thought of before. Guess what I want for Christmas? Microscope!!

I met lots of really really nice people. And many of them i had been emailing with in the past. From Goat groups, or Nigerian Groups. Very cool to have finally put a face with the name.

There was a goat costume contest. Now that, I have to say was something you have to experience at least once in your life. For those that can't there are some pictures below to tide you over.

But nooooo! at 3 pm the mind and body are now overloading. It's time to drag Kathy away and git going. What i really wanted was a nap. There are two more impromptu discussions going on, and i'm just a mental mess. I know i miss my animals and i'm not going to want to stay over again at Kathy's. We gotta go! Not looking forward to driving 4 hours. I just don't know how everyone could still focus! I guess this all gets better with time.

On the road again!!!

Somewhere around the 1.5 hour mark, i succumb to exhaustion. And Kathy takes the wheel. Ha Nothing like sitting in the passenger seat to WAKE YOU UP! More adrenaline rushing thru these veins. I'm not to good at being driven. But I survived, so did Kathy knowing i was probably extremely nervous.

All in all a truly awesome day! The drive. The farm. The goats. The learning. The instant new friends made. Kathy. Everybody and everything.....

i didn't take as many photos as i would have liked. I just didn't know how to watch and learn and shoot. Ha! next time.

As Kathy put it we got the kinks out for the next time!!!

OH NO! next time i'm spending the night...

here are some of the highlights of the day!

This goat is gorgeous! and loved my iced tea.
Before i knew it he was drinking out of my cup!

Beautiful sprawling oaks every where. Such a serene place.
This darn thing was exactly the size of my truck bed with the liner in it. We wedged it in pretty good. I have no idea how. But we did it.

This is the infamous Kathy. She put that damn wig on
2 hours into the trip. And went into public
stores looking like that.. LOL

The farm we were at was awesome, They raise world class Paso Finos. Click here to see their website.

and here.

Nigerian Goats were mostly present that day. Click here to learn more about them

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  1. looks like a great day! glad you had fun! happy halloween! (a day late)


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