Funny turkey story...

If you don't know i have two turkeys. They are really funny to watch. Like chickens but friendlier. They come when called. Not like chickens. They follow me around the barn. Again not like chickens. No they aren't for Thanksgiving. :)

Ok on to the story, Sunday afternoon, i decided to take a nap. (why these things always happen when i want to relax i'll never know). The phone rings. Neighbor across the canal is asking me if I'm missing a turkey. NO? i tell her. Well hold on lemme check. In the back of my mind i'm thinking how the heck did my turkey get over the fence, over the easements, over the canal, and into her yard? Thats like 50 ft. So, I see turkey #1 tom and he's frantic, pacing the fenceline. And guess what? there off in the distance i see a small bobbing turkey head.. In my neighbors yard. On her side of the fence.

TOO funny.

Well, not really because now i have to go retrieve said turkey. Uhoh. I get one of my collapsible dog crates. Get in my truck and go turkey hunting. It's a short drive to my neighbor across the canal. When i get there i'm warning her this could take awhile. Sorry!

And i need her help! Just bring me the crate when i catch him. Because he's so FAT that i can't lift him without a fuss. And i so wanted to keep his feathers nice. He plumed so beautifully this past molt.

Amazingly ,i caught him in under a minute. TOO COOL! i'm getting good at this. Putting him in the crate, i bent his tail feathers. :( But he's safe. And we came home. And Tom and Bob are both happy now.

BUT, how in the world did he fly that far? The last owner said they were pinioned. I guess not! And it surely didn't help that we had an extremely windy day. All's well though~ they are staying close to home. I wonder if they know. I have a feeling that they do. When i drove up the drive, Tom the one that stayed in the yard, came running to the truck. And this was before i even took Bob out. Could they be that smart?

On another fun note my mother came to visit. And after all these years telling her NOT to wear white, finally she came in jeans. I took a few pics of her with the animals.


  1. Turkeys are so much fun! I'm glad to hear he came back safely. Too bad about his tail feathers.

  2. :) me too! and they'll grow back. eventually... Thanks.


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