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This morning made me think of what i do in the country that i never did in the City. I was specifically putting on my muckers (of course checking them first for things that take up residence in them at night, like frogs, spiders). So what else do i do?
This could be one of those jokes,

You know you're in the country when?....

1. You check you're muckers before you put them on

2. You wake up to the sound of a rooster. But ignore the phone. or the real alarm clock.

3. You schedule your day around feed times

4. You figure out when sunset is going to arrive. So you can feed in daylight.

5. You're whole day is planning for the next day.

6. You can sleep with the windows open. And doors unlocked.

7. You can tell the difference between a bark, and a BARK.

8. You have a raincoat instead of an umbrella.

9. You don't care how you look to go out and get the morning paper.

10. You only get the morning paper for weed control. (or in my personal instance for cage lining for the parrots)

11. You don't need a sink disposal system. Just toss any food scraps out the back door. The chickens will eat it.

12. You go outside to collect your morning breakfast.

13. When the car alarm goes off you go outside to see. (in my case its a rooster on the hood).

14. You put on the same clothes you had on last night. Heck, they were clean enough!

15. You wake up at the time most city folke are going to bed. :)

16. Did i mention, You don't care how you look?

17. Your garage is the most used room in the house.

18. You barn is cleaner than your house.

19. you have a pharmacy in your fridge. And its not meds for you.

and last but not least?


any one have more? let me know!


  1. you know you're in the country when you can hang your laundry while in your underwear and not traumatize your neighbors! LOL

  2. oh and your feed bill rivals your grocery bill!

  3. LOl my grocery bill is my feed bill. 90% of everything i buy at the grocery is for them anyhoo... :)


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