too much work not enough time

I'm so swamped. good in a way.. bad in others. I lost my terrabyte drive this past week. it took 4 days to get me back. Another 2 days to redo my personal preferences on software .upgrades to upgrades. And now i'm noticing that i'm not as fast as i used to be. All the upgrades are just too new for the OLD computer i'm on. (powerbook G4) hrmpf!!!

Any hoo no time to dawdle. I'm so far behind in work that i'm apologizing all the time to clients it seems. (only 4 days) It seems like i'm never going to catch up.

Add to the computer problem, my piggy issues, my water leak, lawn tractor not fixed STILL, friend in the hospital,other animals needing attention, and can see why i'm just soooo far behind.

so no new photos. i'm more upset about this than anything.

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