BEBE's Dead~Gator got her

I'm just devastated. Can this month get any worse? bite my tongue, huh?
Is it because last month i was so happy? Has to be.

This is another bad decision on my part. YEsterday, the goats the horse, the dogs, and i went for a walk. Nothing new. Except, this time bebe got out and i thought what the heck, she is listening now. And she'll stick with the big boys. And stick she did. WHen they went in the pond? so did she. And therein lies the gator.

I didn't see it. I didn't hear anything. She just vanished. One minute she was there. The next gone.

At the time i had no idea the gator was in the pond. I haven't seen one in months. since March. It never even crossed my mind. I thought she might have run off and got into a neighbors yard and couldn't get out. On horseback, i searched and searched. Till nightfall. I tried to sleep but couldn't, so i went back outside. That is when i heard the loud splash in the pond. That is when i realized what happened. ANd that is why i woke at dawn to check and find the gator in the pond. And all day to day waited to see something come up. And she did. And i'm so upset. It't all my irresponsible thinking that did this to her. What in the world made me think she could handle the great outdoors. She was barely 2.

RIP my little munchkin. i hope you forgive me!


  1. OMG! i am soooo sorry jo! but stop beating yourself up! how could you have foreseen something like this?
    bless her heart.....she was doing what she loved......running with the big dogs and if you had to pick her last moments for her, you prolly couldn't have done better! you gave her a wonderful life and she's waitin on you, just across the bridge, and i'm sure she'd tell you, if she could, that there's nothing to forgive! ((((jo))))

  2. jojo, man, I'm sorry to read about this. You gave her a good life, never forget that.


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