Alex has died! such sad news

For anyone with an African Grey, the name Alex is famous. The parrot Alex is amazing. He's like the Michael Jordan of... Or the Venus Williams of.... Alex was a superstar in the Grey World.

Alex died yesterday morning and I'm just devastated. Irene Pepperburg was his care taker. For 30 years she has been training him and working with him in controlled experimental settings. Teaching him and crossing the boundaries of what we would think a parrot could achieve. The work she has done is amazing. The work over the years has helped all of us in some way with our beloved greys. Or any parrot. For more information on theAlexFoundation and more on Irene Pepperburgs work click here.

Alex will be missed.

To see a PBS special story online about Alex go here
Alan Alda is the interviewer and is charming. Alex is mesmerizing.

Alex even has his own Wikipedia page. click here.

No one knows what happened yet. He went to bed friday night and died in his sleep. This is such a loss to the parrot world.

Fly free Alex!!!

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