snooty people in this world.

And what to do about it. Because i'm no expert. I'm going to tell you.

But first, a reason as to why i'm bringing this up. Let's see... i post a response on one of my lists, an error from someones, i believe. It didn't make sense. I even checked before i responded. that I think you meant was, this word not that word.. nothing outrageous. one sentence actually.

WELL!!! let me tell you, this poster just did not like getting corrected. Whether or not I was incorrect in my original post never really came up. But i get a nasty "snarky" email sent to me privately. I read it and have no idea who this person is or what she is talking about. Till i went to the list emails. aha! mystery solved.

After my post, came a long and drawn out mish mash of self importance, from this disgruntled poster, disguising her post to not directly implicate me and my post, but to insiduously do so in a roundabout sort of way.. It was coupled with some feel sorry for me i'm so busy with sick people paragraph, then another paragraph of intellectual perfection of degrees this person has to hammer home her prowess, another paragraph with a berating and then a threat of no more posts from this expert. and the the cherry on top? an ad nauseum display of academic accomplishments to finish it all off.

Bravo! All this for 10 words, I posted.

I should be so honored to be the focus of such attention. Actually, i'm a bit pissed. But at this moment now calming down cause instead of being terminally rude to her, I am writing here.

So let's break this down as to what one should do when up against such a goliath. Firstly, I made the mistake of posting. I should stop that immediately, and therefore never get in trouble, again. OR, I could get sucked up into the rudeness, (which i kind of did) by emailing back.

OR I could just ignore it, be the better person etc.(not likely based on my personality) Or what else? Oh I know complain to the moderator, and ruin her night too! So what does one do?? Sorry, i don't have the answer. I'm sure what i did was wrong...

This is what i did, I posted back to her privately, in a nutshell: Was my comment wrong? or was it that she just didn't like being corrected? And then proceeded to say, it was not my intention get someone pissed over it as she had with her post to me. To lighten up. I was succinct. But it could be construed as rude. So be it. She was RUDE first. That turn your cheek stuff just didn't happen today.

From my stance she had innumerable options too!

She could have ignored it. Or better yet, posted nicely that jo you are wrong (if it was)what you are saying is based on... blah, blah , blah...

Or she could have posted without much bolstering that this fact is wrong, here read this, you moron. Or she could do what she did. Get all persnickity send me an email. send the list an email. and generally start the negativity.

aha!!! see? the negativity. She is not a happy person. A person with so much education in this particular field should not be wasting her time with such musings from a peon such as myself. But she did. WHY? was it to pass on the negativity? I think it was.

I also believe that people like this want attention. lots of it. Well you got it babe! Look this whole post is about you. (not that i'm ever going to tell you)... But hey, the universe works in mysterious ways. She acted negatively. She passed on her bitterness to me. Now i'm getting rid of it. How? by ranting i guess. I'm moving negativity out my fingers as i type. and letting the good back in. I really didn't say anything mean to begin with. I made a cursory comment, that all who read it didn't take affront to it. JUST THIS ONE PERSON!

So, as i sit here I will transmutate back to that happy jovial sort with a quirky attitude. And i hope that this person, whoever you are and wherever you may be, are a bit lighter tonight, since directing negativity towards another was lifted off of them. Right? So it's almost like doing you a favor. :) I'm sure that is not how the abuser would take it. but hey!

I just know better. I 'm not keeping it! It's gone poof.

NOTE: i wrote this post about 2 weeks ago and just kept it as a draft, but a friend and fellow blogger had enough courage to write a similar post with a similar dilemma. So thanks jayedee....if you have the courage i do too!!!

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  1. i'm emailing you a follow up because i'm wondering if we are dealing with the same person. yours surely seems to have delusions of demi-godhood as well. *sighs*


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