Saw a buck at Corbett

Can you spot the deer in this pic?
(clicking on the photo will enlarge it).

I tried to blow this shot up so you can see the points.
But only on the last shot can you make them out.

Sunday, I woke up at 5 am to join my neighbor billy on the hunt.... We went into Corbett to search for some hogs and deer and wildlife, in general. You can download a map here. It's an amazing park. 67,000 acres. Lots of history to it. It's indicative of most of the Everglades. Marshes. Hammocks. Plains.... awesome place. And lots of hunting allowed here. One of the few remaining parks in Florida that do.

I can't believe I woke up so early. But, i was excited to go. I haven't been out there in awhile. It was NOT hunting season. Luckily.

We took my truck and when the sun rose, i got in the flat bed while billy drove looking around. You have to take a hunter out there with you. I would have missed most of the wildlife if it wasn't for him pointing them out. Most of the morning was a bit lackluster, till he saw these two lovely deer. I could barely make out if it was a buckling or not. But it IS!!! And so cool.

They didn't even run when they saw the truck. weren't afraid of humans. Which is sad. You know his fate! One day he will be a prize on someones wall. And why? For some kind of ego thing. The hunt. The adrenaline. The rush one gets from killing something. But then it's over.

I did the hunting thing, but with my camera. In this instance, everyone wins. I stalked the deer. I SHOT the pic! The deer is still alive. And the next person to view him won't be on a wall. I'm pretty sure the way I shoot deer is a much healthier perspective. From the deer's standpoint. I'm sure my neighbor will disagree.

But we had fun overall!


  1. sounds like an idyllic day!
    there still are a few things i enjoy about this state of ours....the wildlife being one of them!
    (but i'd still love to see the seasons change)

  2. jayedee the name: Judgestoryteller. He is truly inspirational. and there are sooo many beautiful photos he has taken that make one proud to live in florida... The real florida.

  3. I meant googgle: judgestoryteller.
    need more coffee.:)


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